Friday, March 2, 2012

Got three more stars completed this week. This one is the paper-pieced Whirling Star from Fresh Lemons, and it is still pieced with scraps that relate to the scraps in the other blocks. However, I found myself at Stone Mountain this week, buying more batik to try to match an olivey green that I have used up. I also saw more stars on Faith's flickr group that I want to try: a Scrap Star and a Lone Starburst (the pdf for this template is the link). Still not sure what I will do with all these stars, but a neighbor has asked for a quilt for a fundraiser, so that may be the destination of these blocks.

Off to work now. Even though I haven't finished the quilt or even the concept and I still havent gotten to any WIPS, I've finished the blocks I'd planned this week, so I am still linking back to Finish it Up Friday, the inspiration that got me going on this sewing spree. These last two are pieced using nickle squares and the one on the left needs a little re-working to assure that there are still points on the stars when sewed together.
After paperpiecing two stars with Faith's tutorials I feel so much more comfortable! Not quite easey-peasey, but fun.


  1. Nice work--I have never done paper piecing--your stars are radiant. Julierose

  2. Those look wonderful. I have never done paper piecing myself. I am kind of intimidated by it.

    1. I really liked the tutorial instructions on Fresh Lemon's Solstice stars. My hands were shaking a bit from stress when I started but by the time I had done a few stars it was cool, and the paper pieced stars come out the right size, as opposed to my regular piecing which are pretty random