Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Solstice Stars -  Work in Progress
Star of Mystery 
After a Holiday weekend long pinterest fest, I was inspired. 

So I used the Holiday to be creative. No sandwiching and finishing quilts that have been languishing in a bin for me. I started Fresh Lemon's Solstice Stars. I tackled a paper pieced star today which took quite a while. I love that it came out pretty sharp, but I still find paper piecing to be pretty stressful.

Another Star
Faith's tutorials are great though: and by the time I had pieced the 3rd side of the outer section of  the Star of Mystery I was in a groove.  I do love Faith's instructions. 

My  biggest take-home lesson was to slow down, take the time to lay out all the pieces, and really "see" them, before starting to sew: Much more pleasing and no seams to rip out when you've planned what you are doing. 

Ribbon Star
My small cutting board turns out to be perfect for carrying the parts to the sewing machine after a final trimming. 

Non Whirling Dervish
So here they are: 4 Solstice Stars, one modification of one of Faiths Six Point String Star and a take off on Becca's Whirling Dervish mini quilt, all more or less 12.5 inches square. These last two need were definitely a practice run and need a repeat to get them right. All material is scrap batiks from my stash.

We'll see what the weekend brings. I still have one more paperpieced star to try and then figure out a layout and how many stars I need to make that:

The blocks are actually straighter than they look, I need to stand on a chair to shoot straight down, so the photos aren't at an angle.
String-pieced equilateral stars
Might be my favorite.
Two-color Star


  1. They are all so pretty--love that purple fabric--makes them sing; I really like "Another Star"! Great work, Linda Julierose

  2. Wow! These are some great blocks :-) I love transporting my rose star block pieces on a small cutting board. They're like little block trays! I think the Star of Mystery block is my favorite. I love those colors together. Thanks for sharing your awesome blocks!

    P.S. Would you please consider disabling your word verification?

    1. Do you know how to turn off this " proof you are not a robot thing? If you do, let me know

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  4. Gorgeous star blocks, Linda! Love the colors you're using! :o)

    There are instructions for turning off your word verification at my blog, if you still need help. I had a heckuva time figuring it out myself, so thought I'd post once I found the answer today. LoL

  5. Thank you so much for these instructions.
    I think I've done it!

  6. These are so beautiful...I've loved seeing all the different takes, but your colors are just really stunning!

  7. thank you. Sorry for the delayed response to your note. I discovered there were some comments I hadn't seen. I love how bright colors pop even more against a white or light neutral background. Black works too but I like light backgrounds better